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Trading in 1000 shares at a time, commissions calculated using Scotia ITrade commission schedule. Showing 1 year history.

DateTransactionAmountStockMarginComm.StateProfit# daysAPRAVG/month
2017-11-09Closing Balance$0.00$7.69$0.00$0.00Waiting$0.0000.00% $-nan
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OPTIONific generated revenue of $0.00 compared to a buy-and-hold gain of $7690.00

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About OPTIONific

OPTIONific is an automatic trading recommendation program that is currently being developed by Robert Krten (Personal Website) (Linked-in Profile) NEW! The algorithm for the trading AI is now documented in a web article!

Please visit the OPTIONific website for more details. Interest in security? Then take a look at how to make your Internet of Things (IoT) secure from attack