The QNX® Course — 8 hours 23 minutes

This set of courseware covers most of the deep-down technical details you will need to program in QNX 6. For reference, you should probably download a copy of two books I wrote: The QNX Cookbook — Recipes for Programmers and Getting Started with QNX Neutrino 2 — A Guide for Programmers, both available for free from QNX's website.

Chapter Running Time Size
Introduction 19:48 31 MB
Processes and Threads 2:35:10 251 MB
Message Passing 1:51:39 178 MB
Clocks and Timers 42:22 55 MB
Interrupts 51:14 84 MB
Resource Managers 2:03:33 203 MB

About the courseware

Two sample chapters, the Introduction and Clocks and Timers are available for free above (about an hour of material). The rest of the courseware is available for site license (as video training) or in source format (for in-house training or other uses). Other courseware derivatives are possible, please contact us for pricing and more information.

Technical Details

Each PowerPoint slide (and partial slide in the case of slide animations) was screen-captured to a JPEG file. Custom voice-activated recording software was written to capture the audio, and more custom software was created to synchronize the audio samples with the individual frames. The final product was rendered using mencoder. Some additional techniques are described in my MIDI + Raytracing article.