And now, a resume that flows in the opposite direction...

Everyone has a resume, most are boring. I've seen a few resumes, though, that are very creative — games programmers implementing their resume as a game you can play, leading you through their accomplishments at each move or level, or graphic artists coming up with very inventive and novel ways of presenting both a portfolio of their work as well as relevant information.

Inspired by this, I created a “Reverse Resume” — the idea being that I'd like to work for people who “get me.” So, the graphic on the left is my reverse resume. You can click on it, and it'll expand to a full resolution PDF. I plan on updating it periodically.

It's a combination of a portfolio and skill set inventory. There are pictures of some things I've done or played with; some tools that I use, APIs I like, code that summarizes experience. There are puzzles to solve, contact information, rate information, shout-outs to various interesting parties, even a joke.

More importantly, from an “interviewing” process, I think it's like a brain map. I imagine that if I brought this to an enlightened interviewer, we could explore this one page for an hour or more of discussions. There are so many “jumping off” points — why this particular function? What is the point of that graphic? What did you learn when you did that? And so on.

Having fun yet? :-)