I don't bite...

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Having come to the stunning realization that most email now is spam, I now block out 99.9762% of the internet from sending me email (yes, that number is real and correct; I accept email from only 1,020,774 IP addresses out of just over 4 billion)! I'm averaging 8 spam connection attempts per minute at the moment, all of which I hold for a minimum of 15 seconds, and some as long as 1700+ seconds :-) (Currently, I'm tying up spammers at about 11X realtime — for every hour that passes, 11 hours of spammer's connect time have been wasted.) If everyone did this, there would be NO SPAM WHATSOEVER (why? because it would no longer be "instant" to send spam in bulk, it would take too long). Go look at OpenBSD's spamd manual page (I've since written my own, and it's much cleaner).

If you put in a meaningful subject line, I'm sure to see it in the log files. If you send from any of the large ISPs or mail providers, like GMail, Yahoo, AOL, Sympatico, Hotmail, MSN, it will most likely get through.

This is the same idea as in my USENET news article, where the fundamental realization was that most news goes unread and expires.